Rebooting the News #15

In Podcast on July 6, 2009 by Dave Winer

Jay wrote the show notes, as always.

A short account of the Reboot conference in Copenhagen, which Dave attended.

The difference between rebooting European news organizations and ours in the United States.

The mythology of journalism as “the only profession mentioned in the First Amendment,” which is a very bad idea. The word “journalism” isn’t in the First Amendment and the press belongs to everyone.

Dave’s puzzler, by way of Howard Weaver: Is it news if it’s not reported?

Jay: The best way to answer these “what is news?”-type questions is by reference to a journalist serving a particular user group. What is news to people in San Jose, or people who are Pittsburgh Steeler fans? is going to get you farther.

Conclusion: There’s a difference between the reportable and the reported. Closing that gap is part of a creating a rebooted system of news.

Dave: The history of blogging is a case of the “myth of invention.” There is no inventor of it. But the way to create something new is to be an expert user of the tools you are trying to bring into the world.

Dave cites Rudolf Amman’s Jorn Barger, the NewsPage Network, and the Emergence of the Weblog Community.

Jay’s report on Personal Democracy Forum: You start talking about things like transparency in government and three or four years later, Beth Noveck is coming back to PDF to tell the conference how she’s creating it for Obama. Remarkable.

David Weinberger’s gem at PDF: “Transparency is the new objectivity.” In a rebooted system for news, this idea will play a key role.

In Copenhagen Weinberger also spoke. He put it differently there: The truth is going to come from having multiple data points– and multiple accounts. We correct for the deficiencies of one with (differently-deficient) data from all the others. (Dave adds: Actually this is something we agreed on, the words came out of my mouth.)

Here’s where I am coming from is easier to trust than The View from Nowhere. (Jay’s formulation.)

Since it’s been corrupted by the Suggested Users List, maybe number of followers just needs to be erased from the user interface of Twitter. Which only highlights the need for better metrics and new features.

We’re not going to make much progress on open systems for news if we don’t have reputational systems that can keep pace.

Dave’s source of inspiration is a shocking one: Sarah Palin. Because she stood there and said: the press isn’t telling my story. (Dave adds: And then told her story.)

Jay: Culture war attacks on the press were built into the foundation of her political house.

Closing note: “peace, man.”

reboot09Jul06.mp3 (binary/octet-stream, 10.3MB)
Monday, July 6, 2009.

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