Rebooting the News #18

In Podcast on July 27, 2009 by Dave Winer

Recorded at 2PM Eastern on July 27, 2009.

Show notes as always by Jay…

“If you find yourself in competition with the Internet, you should find a way out.”

Dave elaborates on his post: Evan Williams vs the Internet.

What is the way out? Concede that most of Twitter is part of the Internet, not company property. Someone has to be the name authority; should have that role. After that everyone has their choice of where they want to put their 140-character Tweets.

Why aren’t they archiving your Tweets and giving you access to that archive? Because they don’t have to; there’s no competition.

Personal suggested user lists are a big idea

Jay on Twitter, July 25.

I keep my ‘following’ list to 600, the most I can monitor. These 600 are a kick-ass hand-built tipster network for journalism and new media.

Leo Laporte a few hours later. “Just followed them all! Thanks, Jay!” (Note: Laporte is today following 1,288 total. Followers: 136,289.)

Jay: Got a beat you know well? Create your own hand-built tipster network for it and publish it.

Dave: In the RSS world we call this “reading lists.” It never really caught on, but it’s still a powerful idea. It’s like a stock index fund, but for people. You invest in the fund, and if a stock drops out you no longer have a stake in it. Same with people in the “Jay Rosen 600…”

Dave: I once started a site, That was the purpose of it. To make this sharing of curated lists possible. (OPLML is a file format used to exchange subscription lists in rss world.)

Curation is an idea that goes a long way. All the way to two-way search and the Netflix Prize.

100 percent coverage

A reply to Scott Lewis, CEO of Voice of SanDiego, a born-on-the-web, independent, non-profit, local news and investigation combine, who wrote this on Twitter: “J profs/theorists. You’re our scientists. We’re trying to be one of many engineers. Send us your ideas and we’ll see if we can try them.”

Jay’s idea:, a development project for Voice of San Diego:

* Break off from the big problem of how to provide comprehensive event coverage for San Diego a smaller, more delimited area like… “all the school board meetings in the city,” or “everything of importance at next month’s big arts festival,” or “every important candidate appearance in the race for…” or even (a slightly different idea) the 100 most consequential public events in San Diego today.

* Map what percent of the whole you or others who are co-participants in got covered so far: is it 10 percent, 15? Here’s all the school board meetings in the city; right now we have commitments to cover 35 percent.

* The game is to get to 100 percent by any means necessary. What you have to invent, learn or accept to get there is the payoff for playing.

Dave: we arrived at the same conclusion at 100 percent coverage of an event might be a way of getting on the board.

Key question, though: how do present that 100 percent without overwhelming people who don’t need all of it?

Source of inspiration

Jay’s week: Marshall McLuhan, an English professor who followed his subject out of his “field.”

reboot09Jul27.mp3 (audio/mpeg, 10.3MB)
Monday, July 27, 2009.

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