Ideas for today’s show

In Podcast on December 6, 2009 by Dave Winer

As usual you can listen to the podcast live at 9AM Pacific or wait for the MP3 here shortly after 10AM.

Here are my ideas for today’s show:

Jay’s topix:

Observation by Dave

  • When people finally see how I’m editing my web content, I mean when they really take a look, they’re going to say I’m copying Wave. Of course I’ve been doing it this way for 20-plus years. Some of the guys doing Wave weren’t even born when I started.
  • They might have the same feeling I had when I learned about Doug Engelbart. Or, because they work for a big company, they might feel it doesn’t matter. Analysts who don’t know better will “give” them the market.
  • Truth is it rarely works the way people at Big Companies think it should. It’s not such a big advantage as they might believe. Just ask the guys at Apple who thought they had me whipped in the early 90s. Defeated by them, I quit their platform and jumped onto the Internet, outside their control, and did what I would have been happy to do only for them. Most of them lost their jobs in the 1997 purge when Steve Jobs came back.
  • Most platform vendors would do better if they let the market develop around them. But they hire too many engineers and let them run loose in the market. Eventually Google will collapse under its own weight. It always goes that way.
  • Anyway, enough of this rant! :-)

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