Rebooting the News #37

In Podcast on December 17, 2009 by Jay Rosen

Dave was in New York last week and visited the New York Times, meeting many of the Times people we follow on Twitter. So we talked about that.

WordPress made an important announcement: that it was implementing the Twitter API. Dave: “It’s a beautiful move.” Respectful, but also insidious. We talked about that and what the phrase “to implement” means in software.

Update: And now Tumblr has done the same thing.

There was also news in the strange world of url shorteners; we sorted through that a bit.

Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, Twitter: both Dave and Jay use them all as writing platforms. But where then is “home?” Dave’s working on it!

Jay explained his mock-up for and the reactions he’s gotten so far to the idea. (“What’s your question? Journalists are standing by…”) A site like this would be part of the rebooted system of news, he says.

Jay’s been Tweeting and talking a lot about (the demonic) Demand Media. Well, it must have worked because the CEO of that company got in touch and Jay has an interview scheduled with him. We talked about that.

Update: the interview with Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt ran at ReadWriteWeb.

Here’s the MP3 for Rebooting the News #37, recorded Dec. 15, 2009…

9 Responses to “Rebooting the News #37”

  1. Rebooting #37 is not appearing the iTunes feed.

  2. […] — In tech-oriented news, Twitter’s API (the interface that allows it to interact with other programs) was added to WordPress last week and Tumblr this week. Combined with its integration with Facebook’s status API and tons of other programs over the past year or so, that effectively means that, as tech thinker Anil Dash puts it, Twitter’s API is complete. I don’t understand the implications of this quite well enough to summarize it, but fortunately, we have the renowned Dave Winer to explain it to us. So read what he has to say about Twitter’s API becoming a new Internet standard here and here and listen to him here. […]

  3. […] for media people because they open doors in the news business as well. In this week’s Rebooting The News, Jay asked me to explain what it means for WordPress to implement the Twitter API. The podcast was […]

  4. Hi Dave & Jay,

    Just to second what commenter Jim said, above; this episode isn’t appearing in the iTunes feed. I thought maybe you guys were having a break from the podcast over the holidays but popped past the site to check.

    Just a heads up.



  5. […] I was listening to an episode of the Rebooting the News podcast where I heard Jay Rosen discussing a concept project called that he’d like to […]

  6. I’m looking forward to listening to these podcasts on my drive to work!

  7. Very interesting idea, it very instructive for me. I should just give up and take lessons from you

    Follow me on Twitter

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