Rebooting the News #38

In Podcast on January 25, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Our first show done face to face in the NYU radio studio! (Pardon the glitches, but the sound quality should be way higher.)

We discussed the announcement that Dave Winer will be a visiting scholar at NYU and a technical adviser to the Studio 20 program. Here’s Dave’s explanation for why he was interested: Year Zero for Journalism.

Big news in the news world this week: The announcement that the New York Times will go to some kind of metered or pay system for in 2011. Here’s Jay’s post on it, and Dave’s post at Rebooting the News on an alternative approach to achieving new revenues. We discussed both.

A frequent topic of discussion on Rebooting the News, Twitter’s suggested users list, became topical again when Twitter dropped the old format and came up with a new one: suggested users by topic: entertainment, sports, tech, news, etc. Dave was placed on one of the new lists. But he asked to be dropped. So we kicked that around.

Jay thought this little announcement by the Education Writers Association (the people who cover schools) was revealing for students of the new system of news. The group decided to shift course, which includes…

* Moving from a closed membership organization to a more inclusive, online-based community focused on education media, but open to anyone interested in education. Community members will include journalists, policymakers, educators, academics, and others with a connection to education issues.

* Becoming a voice for quality education coverage.

We finished up with Apple’s big announcement, due later this week. Dave speculated about what it will be and why it will matter.

Here’s the show: we hope you like it. (45 mins)

10 Responses to “Rebooting the News #38”

  1. Picking up on a few comments at the beginning of today’s show – would love a future show discussing how people/students contend with the brass tacks at the intersection of news media and web technology – “wonks v. geeks”? Seems a natural with Jay a media critic grokking technology and Dave a technologist grokking media. Jay mentioned a couple of CS students taking his classes and most listeners will be familiar with Adrian Holovaty’s example. But also, double-majors aside, how might journalists & developers approach working together, assuming the majority cannot be expected to embody deep talent in both domains?

  2. I had a vision! Dave made it visual for me in discussing his buy-an-op-ed/story idea (not mentioned in the post). When he described the paper’s story on the left with a line down the middle the page separating the paid-for content on the right, I saw it and it looked like the Talmud. Here’s the original stuff, then here’s what other people have to say about it.

  3. If you are both in NY – why not do these via video now???

  4. I’ve heard others ask the same question Dave did about why the Times is making an announcement now about a paywall that’s supposed to start next year (“if you were going to do it, why not just do it?). Jay also refers to it as a strange announcement. But isn’t this just signaling to the other newspaper sites that are talking about paywalls? Am I missing something?

  5. Is blog talk radio deprecated? didn’t get this episode. A quick note to your listeners there would be appreciated!

  6. Hi,

    Further to Michael’s question: is there a podcast feed for Rebooting the News at all now?


  7. I finally got a chance to listen and was, as usual, interested in and impressed by all the comments and ideas.

    Throughout the history of RTN, I do feel like we’re hearing more of Dave’s ideas for the future of the news than Jay’s. Jay’s manner implies some disagreements (e.g., about the SUL or Dave’s ideas for the future of the NY Times) but we never quite hear the details. Or am I missing some good posts somewhere?

  8. […] a Rebooting The News with Jay last night. It was done in a studio at NYU, which has advantages (you can hear us well) […]

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