Rebooting the News #40

In Podcast on February 8, 2010 by Jay Rosen

We started off with what Google calls “personalized search” others call “social search,” and Dave calls “two-way search.”

Dave: “They found a way to integrate real time with the normal Google search.”

Jay: “One of the problems that arises when we gain local producers is how we are going to find what they produce.” So these developments in social search may assist in that.

Dave: “Maybe news is becoming search and search is becoming news… Google has taken a huge step towards doing that.”

Why does Dave call it “two way” search? Because… “I am providing it information as much as it is providing me information.”

Jay: Anything that allows individual posts or articles to be found regardless of what container they came in is part of the rebooted system of news.

But we both agree: Authority is still important. Institutions matter. Stored trust counts.

Dave: yes, but when trust is “stored” the people who benefit from it become complacent and build walls to enclose themselves and the insiders they hang with.

Jay: And related to that is my post for LA Observed: The Wrap gets punk’d. Reporter retails a story that turns out to be quite wrong: that Republican consultant Frank Luntz had abandoned politics from Hollywood. And she never corrects or follows-up. But this happens all the time in the industry– sources BS the reporters, who pass it along if it makes for a juicy story, and when the proof comes in that the story was wrong who remembers?

Dave: Ageism and NYU Local.

Then we unfolded the ideas in Dave’s post Hypercamp Revisted, inspired by Obama’s event with Republicans in Baltimore and David Weinberger’s response.

Dave: Imagine a hybrid of 1.) newsroom, 2.) press conference and… 3.) “open.” Bloggers and journalists with an interest in a given topic are invited to a state-of-the-art workspace, a room with great connectivity, podiums at either end of the room, and pipelines in and out, so that it’s both easy to reach and constantly broadcast over the web. The industry people and political players who want to reach the assembled reporters pay to be present. But they are not at the center, they are allowed to hold their events at the edges, or “out in the hallway.”

Inspiration of the week: the city of New Orleans.

Here’s the show; we hope you like it, and if you feel so moved…. comment.

2 Responses to “Rebooting the News #40”

  1. From all indications, Twitter (as a news hub) will get killed. Twitter is merely a glimpse of the distribution model soon to come. For several reasons (which Dave has been blogging about for a bit now, and I happen to agree with him on this), not least Twitter’s sluggishness to refine features, introduce metadata, ..and get rid of url-shorteners, to name a few.

    Nor is it likely that the new(s) model will come from Google, as their size has had them playing catch up for a while now (social search, nexus one, wave), so besides the occassional spurts of brilliance, we can safely assume they’ve lost their edge.

    The components of the future news platform, are being formed today, and my take is that it will have 3 major components; a twitteresque platform (that includes topic tags / robust metadata system), an open foursquare-ish location based platform(s), and a reliable identity verification system (Scoble often refers to this as an “identity war”). The “ranking” of articles (and reputations of the “reporters”) will rise or fall base on the quality of news, ideas, or entertainmet they put out.

    Think TechCruch, HuffPo, Mashable but with an open blog-roll, a global preseance/reach, a google-y search alogorithm that incorporates topic tags, reporter ranking, location etc

  2. Must-watch puppet show with “Walt Mossberg” and “Steve Jobs” illustrates through comedy how an owned media behaves.

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