A few prep notes for Rebooting the News #42.

In Podcast on February 22, 2010 by Jay Rosen

First off, you can listen live here.

A few words about our set-up here at NYU

Lead off: Follow up from Google Buzz

Jay’s items:

PressThink is back: that’s worth a mention. Part of what spurred it was this Tweet from Danny Sullivan: “i really miss when people had web sites they owned and pointed at. why lease your soul to facebook. or buzz. or whatever. master your domain.”

Something I had wanted to get to last week: A Vision of Iceland as a Haven for Journalists and for those Dave Winer calls “media hackers.”

A little item I took some pride in, and a direct sign of how far the rebooted system of news has developed. “The new journalism must be one that is open to both amateur and professional reporters.” That’s what Committee of Concerned Journalists founder Bill Kovach said at the National Press Foundation’s annual dinner Tuesday night. “Somewhere each day,” he added “another site moves a step closer to becoming a direct competitor or a valuable new addition to the legacy press.” Kovach is a consenus figure in the American press, a former Washington bureau chief for the New York Times, former editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitiution and a certified newsroom heavyweight.

A theme I would like to unfold and get Dave’s thoughts on: learning that efficiency can be creativity. Occasioned by the Studio 20 project to build an open source assignment desk system.

Dave: Joel Spolsky, and blogging.

Got suggestions? Put them in the comments.

2 Responses to “A few prep notes for Rebooting the News #42.”

  1. Re: an open source assignment desk system.

    I’ve been trying that out (on the writer side) at Seed for their SXSW coverage. It’s interesting, a tad strange though in that they require a certain # of set questions to be asked, (ie. “Beatles or Stones”), some of which don’t fit for certain bands. ie. imagine interviewing a hardcore, screaming, maniac japanese computer musician and asking them “beatles or stones.”

  2. In this weekend’s On the Media segment on Iceland, Julian Assange mentioned that the shield law part of the proposal is focused on protecting the source and the public first and the journalist only as a means to that end. I immediately thought of Dave when I heard this.

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