Rebooting the News #42

In Podcast on February 25, 2010 by Jay Rosen

We’re live from the radio studio at NYU! “Amateur radio at a high level of quality.”

Jay: I re-introduced PressThink this week: The Quest for Innocence and the Loss of Reality in Political Journalism. Part of what spurred it was this Tweet from Danny Sullivan: “i really miss when people had web sites they owned and pointed at. why lease your soul to facebook. or buzz. or whatever. master your domain.” Right on, Danny.

Dave: “When you post on all these other sites that are corporate owned, you are trading a bit of the future of the web away. When you write on PressThink, you are helping the web…. Danny Sullivan is right.”

Dave: “They pick their battles.” There are times when journalists do not try to stand apart from events and give their view. And then there are times when they simply quote experts, as if they had no view.

Jay: There’s a move afoot to make Iceland a key part of the rebooted system of news, which of course is an international phenomenon. See: A Vision of Iceland as a Haven for Journalists and for those Dave calls “media hackers.”

Dave: Speaking of freedom of speech, the George K. Polk award went to someone anonymous for the Neda video from Iran.

Jay: Well, it didn’t really go to an individual someone, but to the act itself. In a sense to the rebooted system of news.

Dave: Does it matter who you get news from?

In Silicon Valley, if you let a discussion wander, it ends up centered on the point of view of the technology industry. You have users and they generate content. Everything revolves around that model….The users are like hamsters on a treadmill. Do you ever think about paying hamsters? I don’t think so! … So when the New York conversation drifts, it doesn’t end up where the Silicon Valley conversation ends. I guess this is no surprise, right? Where it ends up is with the (forgive me I don’t know the terminology) the guy writing the story that informs everyone else. Who is everyone else? It’s the hamsters again!

Dave: I want to get in-depth information when I have to make an intelligent decisions, but it doesn’t have to come from professional journalists.

Jay: What we need is a single set of standards whether it’s professional journalists, amateurs, experts, accidental reporters.

Jay: A little item that shows how far the rebooted system of news has developed. “The new journalism must be one that is open to both amateur and professional reporters.” That’s what Committee of Concerned Journalists founder Bill Kovach said at the National Press Foundation’s annual dinner last week. Kovach is a consensus figure in the American press, a former Washington bureau chief for the New York Times, former editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and a certified newsroom heavyweight.

Dave: When to be worried. “You want to be worried when one company has a very large piece of the culture on their servers.” We need to wake up to where the tech world is headed. The news industry does not seem to realize this; the book industry… might.

Jay: We have to pay close attention to the battle between the open systems and closed systems, and continually ask ourselves who is truly on the side of “open.”

Dave: “The only open that matters is whether or not you’re free to put whatever you want to on the web.”

Jay: “The same network that allows for open source wonderful-ness allows Al Queda to organize in cyberspace.”

Here’s the show, recorded Feb. 22. We hope you like it. And please do comment.

2 Responses to “Rebooting the News #42”

  1. I subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and noticed that neither #41 or #42 had an MP3 enclosure attached that iTunes could recognize and download. It worked just fine for #1-#40, but not for the latest two episodes. I’m wondering if you changed something with #41 that is different from all the other shows. Thanks in advance for taking a look and correcting the problem.

  2. I’m not sure where the problem was (your end or mine), but both podcasts #41 & #42 are now importing into iTunes now. Thank you!

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