Notes and scraps for Reboot #46

In Podcast on March 29, 2010 by Jay Rosen

How big is a nugget of news? Dave has an answer.

Jay: The Wall Street Journal will charge $17.99 a month for the Journal on the iPad. That’s $215 a year. For the print edition delivered to your home or office plus online access to, the yearly rate is $140. Does anyone understand this pricing? Dave says it’s a case of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. It’s about his art, as Doc Searls wrote in 1997.

I met with someone from the London Times last week. They announced recently that their paywall will go up in June. Based on my conversation with her, the staff is not ready for what this will mean.

PressThink has done well with How the Backchannel Has Changed the Game for Conference Panelists. Its another way of explaining “audience atomization overcome.”

Somewhat related: Jake Tapper is hosting ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning. And he began live tweeting the show this week, and he was also very active in soliciting ideas and suggestions for the program. You can see some of it at this feed.

Face the Nation is forced to adopt my simple fix for the Sunday shows by the distortions and inventions of Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

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