Rebooting the News #52

In Podcast on May 17, 2010 by Dave Winer

Jay is traveling to Toronto for the fantastic Mesh10 conference, so Jeremy Zilar of the NY Times filled in as guest. We talked about blogging at the Times and blogging in NYC. A teeny bit of Angry Birds was thrown in for fun. :-)


That’s Adrian Mihai, our engineer for RBTN, just before recording this week’s show.

One Response to “Rebooting the News #52”

  1. Dave and Jay, you really need to talk to your engineer about adding a compressor to the final audio output stage of your show. The quiet spots are too quiet and the loud bits can overwhelm the listener, as when an inexperienced person shouts into a microphone. Dave especially, your voice is often unintelligible, especially when you’re quiet, and Jay’s is so much clearer and easier to understand, ¿perhaps because one is on the phone and one is in the studio?. A little bit of simple compression would make things even out and the listening experience so much more intelligible. Try it once, I guarantee you’ll like it.

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