Rebooting the News #54

In Podcast on June 7, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Dave gave a presentation at the New York Times. What did he say?

Nate Silver joins the New York Times: what do we think of that?

Sources go direct: an Internet Week event at NYU June 9, featuring Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Nick Denton of Gotham Media, Rachel Sterne of Ground Report and Dave as moderator, followed by an experiment: the open newsroom, which is also known as a hypercamp.

Apple has its big developer’s conference this week: WWDC this week: Any reflections?

We will be doing a live version of Rebooting the News at the Online News Association annual convention in Washington, DC, October, 2010.

The block-by-block community news summit, an event in September that Jay is co-organizing. The research for it includes this list of local news start-ups. We’re going to bring those entrepreneurs together so they can learn from each other.

Jay: two problems with the (old) news system that I have been thinking and talking about a lot lately… 1.) Mixing up context-dependent and context-independent news, as if these were the same kind of news when they are not; and 2.) Mixing up “level one” users of a given news stream (those who are just beginning to master it) and “level four” users of the same news flow, those who have obtained mastery of the issues and problems and people but still want to know what’s new.

Here’s the show; we hope you like it. And do comment if you feel moved.

One Response to “Rebooting the News #54”

  1. Great stuff. A couple issues I wondered about:

    1. You didn’t talk about Helen Thomas, and I wonder how her case fits into the “here’s where we come from” model.
    It makes a lot of sense to get rid of the view from nowhere. But it seems to me that news organizations then have to prepare for more Helen Thomas moments, where they have to defend themselves against some fairly radical things reporters/editors/others might say.
    Once you adopt the “here’s where we come from” model, do you still have to set some kind of limits? Once a news organization establishes where it comes from, are individuals within that organization able to have significantly different views?

    2. If Dave really believes we don’t need reporters, maybe he is a replacenik.
    I’m still not entire clear on what he meant in the last seven minutes of the podcast. He qualified his statement a bit, but then at the end went back to calling reporters “bastards” because someone at a paper mischaracterized his views.

    Love the podcast. Always lots to think about.

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