Rebooting the News #59

In Podcast on July 26, 2010 by Dave Winer

In this episode we discussed four things:

  1. The Wikileaks release of documents about the war in Afghanistan.
  2. (Here’s Jay’s PressThink post on it, with all the links you need.)

  3. Apple’s Antennagate.
  4. (Here, here and here are Dave’s posts on it.)

  5. Flipboard.
  6. (Dave’s post and Robert Scoble’s video about it.)

  7. Shirley Sherrod and Andrew Breitbart.
  8. (Josh Marshall is scathing on it. Joan Walsh is strong too.)

Here’s the MP3; as always, we welcome your comments.

2 Responses to “Rebooting the News #59”

  1. Wikileaks if not a news organization, it’s a leak organization. What scares me about Assange is the awesome responsibility he holds with respect to determining what should be leaked.

    While many are already writing his hagiography, I feel this cat deserves further scrutiny. Regardless of how horrifying the now notorious Apache guncam video was, entitling it “Collateral Murder,” was unprofessional, to say the least. Epecially when you are a “leak” organazation, rather than a news organization.

    War is horrific. Duh. Decisions are made in the heat of the moment that haunt folks for lifetimes. But putting one’s own hit-grabbing spin on leaked material without a true knowledge of context and background smacks of self aggrandizement, and the fuck-the-man hacker culture this reportedly troubled and persecuted Australian orphan waif emerged from.

    His basic philosophy seems to be populist: War sucks. So let’s throw sunshine on all the apparent aggressor’s secret communications and get invited to TED, and next year, the Nobel peace prize. Seems to work OK on Icelandic skirt. They love this international-man-of-mystery shit.

    Never mind the secret material came from a US military fucktard idiot bored out of his mind trying to impress legendary hacker Lamo. The Nobel is just around the corner. The surgeon that invented the lobotomy got the prize too!

    Wake up people.

    It just ain’t that simple. And God help him if he leaks Putin, but he is way too cowardly hacker sneaky to do anything that ballsy.

  2. In this episode you claimed it’s only a myth that “sunshine is the best disinfectant” because “the elites have figured it out.” Any chance you could elaborate on that a little bit? I thought it was interesting.

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