Rebooting the News #60

In Podcast on August 23, 2010 by Dave Winer

In this BlogTalkRadio non-studio podcast, that started really rough, Dave interviews Bora Zivkovic and Arikia Millikan about science blogging.

One Response to “Rebooting the News #60”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Contrary to the impression left on the podcast, even before the Pepsi debacle, there were thousands of so-called science blogs out there, and the majority (and probably the vast majority) weren’t on Some were already on other company’s networks (Nature, Discover), many others on free services like WordPress, some hosted on the servers of their University (but often without the University’s explicit control or even knowledge) and still others (like mine–for over five years now!) on their own servers. What I don’t know is whether the major networks sucked the air (I.e., traffic) from the others–it would be interesting to get hold if the relevant data.

    Some examples, mostly in my field (astrophysics) and related disciplines:

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