Rebooting the News #63

In Podcast on September 13, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Is the New York Times a technology company?

A little item appeared in the New York Times last week: Betaworks and The Times Plan a Social News Service. “Something is stirring deep within the technology incubator Betaworks: A personalized news service called that is being developed in collaboration with The New York Times.”

Seeing this, Jay wrote on Twitter, “The New York Times is becoming a technology company.” Dave disagrees.

Where goes RSS?

Headline: IAC To Shut Down Bloglines, leading some people to say, predictably, RSS is dead.

But Dave has other ideas: How to Reboot RSS.

The ombudsman of the tech industry?

Jay explains why a plausible case could be made that Dave Winer is just that.

Links mentioned:

The Local East Village, a collaboration between the New York Times and NYU Journalism, launched today. At the same time, Jay published a post at PressThink on a piece of software Studio 20 created for the launch: the Virtual Assignment Desk.

Jay’s speech to French journalism students: The Journalists Formerly Known as the Media., which has this bit of advice to journalism students in it: “Replace readers, viewers, listeners and consumers with the term ‘users.’ What do we call the people on the other end of the journalism transaction? My suggestion is to be less platform-centric; rather than naming them for the tool you are using to reach them, just call them the users, a term I borrowed from the way Dave Winer employs it. Users is a more active identity, it works for all platforms, and as I said earlier: the way you imagine the users will determine how useful a journalist you will be.”

Here’s the show; we hope you like it.

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