Rebooting the News #65

In Podcast on September 27, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Dave was injured riding his bike: a report.

Jay was in Chicago at the Block by Block community news summit, with the founders and operators of 70+ born-on-the-web local news sites: a report.

Angelgate: what do we think?

Apple and the press: “A yearlong look at technology news coverage by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that 15.1 percent of tech articles were primarily about Apple; 11.4 percent were about Google; and a meager 3 percent were about Microsoft.”

Update to Apple’s Ping service: It’s better than it (last) appeared.

For next week, perhaps: Designing journalism to be used by Jonathan Stray. A very Rebooting-the-News article…

Here’s the show; we hope you like it:

2 Responses to “Rebooting the News #65”

  1. I find it interesting that Dave Winer lamented in this episode the inability for there to be a coherent discussion of climate change in the public sphere, yet several weeks ago when I pointed out to him on Twitter the flaws inherent in some extremely misleading NYT reporting on climate change, he lost his cool and blocked me from his Twitter feed.

    I myself strongly believe in the negative effects of climate change, yet simply because I challenged the statistical relevance of a particular study, suddenly I was some kind of repugnant fanatic to Mr. Winer.

    It’s – at best – difficult to take his stance seriously.

    -T. Smith

  2. I’m biased, but I didn’t see the prominence of the texting while driving story as laughable. I know rules have changed but I’m not sure that one law I learned in journalism classes in the early 70s has changed: it’s about consequence. Kids are dying from texting behind the wheel.

    The period Pew measured was during Pulitzer season and the NYTimes was all about the more general topic of distracted driving at that time. Sort of makes sense that non-tech media would pick up on the blitz.

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