Rebooting the News #71

In Podcast on November 8, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Dave was part of a two-day discussion at the Library of Congress about how to preserve the writing we do online in the blogosphere. We talked about that. (Dan Gillmor in Salon: saving our digital heritage.)

The new MacBook Air was released: a few remarks on technology and the manipulation of geek desire.

Dave on what the White House blogger should be: “The White House blogger should be as independent as the Federal Reserve chairman or the head of the FDA. His or her job is to start small and build a network of information on how Americans can help America. Not fluff, not fear, but what’s really going on. And to be controversial. Newt and Karl will say it’s run by left-wing biased limp-wrist sissies. Let em say it. Link to them saying it.”

The View from Nowhere! It keeps getting bigger as the controversies roll on. It was a factor in the absurd suspension of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC. It’s there in Jay’s post on Andrew Breitbart and ABC News. (Jay’s 2003 post on it.)

Brooke Gladstone on On the Media stands up for the right thing in a little segment on the View from Nowhere. The noise about “bias” does not matter much, she says. “It’s the reporting that matters. Reporting that is undistorted by attempts to appear objective. Reporting that calls a lie a lie right after the lie, not in a box labeled analysis. Reporting that doesn’t distort truth by treating unequal arguments equally.”

A new browser debuted this week: Rockmelt. We kicked that around a bit.

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