Rebooting the News #72

In Podcast on November 15, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Jay took to video–a new YouTube channel–to express himself on the extraordinary interview Jon Stewart did with Rachel Maddow last week. Background (including the original interview on MSNBC) and a place to comment at PressThink.

Uh, Dave: do you mind if I ask you something? … Did you invent RSS? “…Every step in that chain was necessary to get to the point where the Times could get on board, and there was enough software and users that it mattered. But looking back, the moment when RSS 2.0 came out, followed by the NY Times stories flowing through it, that was the point when the fighting stopped and mass-scale deployment began. That was the moment of standardization. And my contribution was that I marshalled the users, software, content and yes, the tech industry so they were all marching in the same direction. This, imho, was a lot harder than merely having an idea!”

Dave had an experience with a new service and the result was: The tech industry is a virus.

Terry Heaton: Online advertising’s missing link: “The only thing the industry knows is mass or direct marketing — the pushing of a message or, as Doc Searls calls it, ‘signaling’ to an individual or a crowd. Put the right signal with the right crowd, and the magic of commerce happens. But what happens when people are fed up with all the relentless pushing and use technology to protect themselves from the bombardment? This notion is unpalatable to the marketing world, so it is ignored.”

Jay: This post by an irate flyer is quite an example of the sources going direct! It leads my 40 twits page by a mile. The background was in the New York Times last week. Flier Patience Wears Thin at Checkpoints. But this puts an exclamation point on that story. The press should be hopping on it. Gawker did. And here’s USA Today, with a piece that mentions the blog post that went viral, getting homeland security security Janet Napolitano on the record too. See? The rebooted system of news works.

Extraordinary posting on Tumblr from staffers. They are fighting back against plans to fold their operation into the Daily Beast site after the merger that brought Tina Brown to the editor’s chair at Newsweek, the magazine. Listen to these quotes:

“…It would only be fitting that its Website would be the first to go. Like most print publications, Newsweek magazine has been led by people who deep down don’t understand the Web, and because they don’t understand it, they fear it and don’t value it… may have always remained an ugly stepchild to its print grandparents, who were too busy burning money to notice….”

A little example of view from nowhere fundamentalism.

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