Rebooting the News #73

In Podcast on November 22, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Robert Scoble: Is the tech press needed anymore? A revealing post. He writes…

“So, what’s up with the headline I picked for this blog? I’m noticing that lots of app developers are seeing HUGE adoptions without being pushed ANYWHERE but on Apple’s iTunes app store. That’s how MyTown got so big. It’s also how Instagram got so popular so fast. FastMall’s CEO told me that’s where almost all of its users came from.

“Do app developers need the press anymore? They tell me yes, but not for the reason you might think. What’s the reason? Well, they suspect that Apple’s team is watching the press for which apps get discussed and hyped up.”

Sure enough, the TSA story (introducing “patdowns,” and “don’t touch my junk” to the vernacular) went viral, as we predicted in RBTN #72. So did one of Jay’s tweets on it.

Jay returned to video for Resentment News (and More Blondes Per Square Foot): Explaining What Fox News Channel Is. Should this experiment continue?

Scripting News: The Design Challenge. How to make the river-of-news style aggregator more attractive to the eye. Any takers?

Tumblr’s $25 million, the “freemium” model, and the competition for engineering talent.

Dave’s got a love affair going with Hacker News. What’s that about?

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