A note about the podcast feed

In Podcast on November 23, 2010 by Dave Winer

A picture named lost.gifThis is a heads-up to people who subscribe to the podcast. There is a problem with the feed that will cause some subscribers to not get every episode. (It could be a majority of subscribers not getting any episodes, depending on how their clients are programmed.)

Until this problem is fixed, you should manually visit the site periodically to see if there’s a new MP3 available and download it to to your listening device.

This is a repeat of a problem that hit our podcast in the beginning of the year. It was fixed, the feed was working properly for a few months, but it’s broken again. The Automattic people are aware of the problem, and hopefully will have a fix soon. As I understand it, all podcast feeds on are broken, btw — so if you’re hosting a podcast there, you should be aware of the problem.

We continue to use WordPress because Jay is very comfortable with it. We checked out Tumblr, and it’s not any better at podcast support than WordPress is.

A personal note, none of these programs work as well as the tools we had when podcasting was booting up in 2001-2004. Had our tools been this bad, there would be no podcasting, I’m sure of it. As these services have scaled, important features are breaking. This of course totally sucks.

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