Rebooting the News #78

In Podcast on January 3, 2011 by Jay Rosen

Why Wikileaks continues to fascinate us…

Why EL PAÍS chose to publish the leaks: “Editor Javier Moreno explains the decision to publish the State Department cables, which expose on an unprecedented scale the extent to which Western leaders lie to their electorates.”

Dave’s blogger of the year: “Julian Assange is the tank guy” from Tiananmen Square, 1989. “We all hold our breath to see if we go all the way.”

Pathetic performance by CNN: Glenn Greenwald vs Francis Townsend on Wikileaks, interviewed by Jessica Yellin, who seemed to know nothing.

The life and times of, Dave’s aggregator for Wikileaks news. How it works and why he did it.

Dave: The connection between RSS and Twitter.

Magazines on the i-Pad and why they are not working.

The Journal Register Company (JRC) gave Jay an i-Pad. He’s an advisor to their Digital First overhaul. If you want to watch the unbuilding of “fortress journalism” just follow what JRC’s Connecticut newspaper, the Register Citizen, is doing with its open newsroom project.

Here’s the show (45 mins); please comment if so moved:

3 Responses to “Rebooting the News #78”

  1. […] Rebooting the News #78. […]

  2. Matt DeRienzo @mattderienzo is Publisher of the Register Citizen in Torrington, CT

    Matt Terenzio @mterenzio is Web Development Director at The Hour in Norwalk, CT

    Pretty funny. Lots of action up here in l’il ‘ol Connecticut. ; )

  3. Dave, I am a relatively new but enthusiastic fan of Rebooting and your tweets and I just looked at, but I can’t see how to subscribe to it as a single feed – am I missing something here? Please advise; thanks.
    Graham Lauren

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