Rebooting the News #87

In Podcast on March 21, 2011 by Jay Rosen

Jay’s presentation at SXSW on the Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalists: it worked! (The text, the audio.)

The big event in the Rebooting the News world this week was the debut of the paywall, or “pay fence,” or metered system at the New York Times.

Dave’s post on it really got around on the Net. “Wouldn’t it have been wise to, at this juncture, offer something to sweeten the deal. Something truly exciting and new that you get when you pay the money. Something that makes your palms sweat and your heart beat faster?”

Part of the Times own coverage: Media reporter Jeremy Peters, Times Online Pay Model Was Years in the MakingMany reporters and editors embraced the reach of the free site while others worried about further cuts if The Times could not tap a new source of revenue. “I believe that our journalism is very worth paying for,” said Jill Abramson, The Times’s managing editor for news. “In terms of ensuring our future success, it was important to put that to the test.”

David Carr of the New York Times on Twitter: What I think you should pay for the digital New York Times.

Jay on Twitter back to Carr: “Ever worry about that word, ‘should?'”

Carr’s post says… When I was in Austin, I would fall asleep each night to bad dreams, prompted by cable television ranting that the world was melting down, principally in Japan. And each morning I would wake up to reporting that described in very careful detail what was actually known, not feared, about the nuclear crisis in Japan… People, real actual people, went and reported that information, some of it at personal peril and certainly at gigantic institutional expense. So The Times is turning toward its customers to bear some of the cost.

Scripting News: What Twitter and the New York Times have in common. “Neither company has a way to sustain itself financially.”

Twitter’s announcement to developers at SXSW. Dave’s post: Twitter’s new developer roadmap.

A few words on NPR and its funding mess: Dave’s post on it. Jay’s post on it.

Jay had an interesting experience with: Anatomy of a Twitter Screw-up: My Own.

Here’s the show. Hope you get something good out of it.

4 Responses to “Rebooting the News #87”

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  4. FYI – In the podcast feed, the audio file for #87 is actually Jay’s speech at SXSW.

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