Rebooting the News #88

In Podcast on March 28, 2011 by Jay Rosen

Some of the items we found worth talking about this week:

Bill Kelller: WTF:

Has anyone actually seen James O’Keefe and Julian Assange together? Are we quite sure that the right-wing prankster who brought down the leadership of National Public Radio and the anarchic leaker aren’t split personalities of the same guy — sent by fate to mess with the heads of mainstream journalists?

Sure, one shoots from the left, the other from the right. One deals in genuine (albeit purloined) secrets; the other in “Candid Camera” stunts, most recently arranging for fake potential donors to entrap a foolish NPR executive into disclosing his scorn for Republicans and the Tea Party. Assange aims to enlist the media; O’Keefe aims to discredit us. But each, in his own guerrilla way, has sown his share of public doubt about whether the press can be trusted as an impartial bearer of news.

The New York Times paywall is here. Today it debuts in the U.S.

Social Camera and the $41 million that Color raised.

Explicating Dave’s post, An Internet inside an Internet. “…There’s a new kind of software coming online. Just beginning to see the outlines of it. This is the kind of work I live to do. This is exactly where I like to be. It feels like a new Internet is springing to life inside a corner of the Internet. It’s like opening a jewel box and finding a universe in there.”

Andy Carvin’s model of live curation via Twitter.

The Journal-Register Company’s open advisory board meeting in Torrington, CT.

John Paton, the “digital first” CEO of Journal Register, told the Newspaper Association of American convention (these are the publishers and executives) what time it is, and he did it in ten tweets. For example:

“The newspaper model is broken and can’t be fixed.”

“Newspapers will disappear in less than10 years unless their business model is changed now.”

“The new newspaper model must become digital first and print last.”

“Stop listening to print people and put the digital people in charge – of everything.”

“Newspapers must invest in content, sales and disruption – sell or outsource everything else.”

Bill Gates vs The Internet. Dave, blogging in 1994. “Once the users take control, they never give it back.”

Here’s the show, a little longer than the usual 45 minutes. Hope you enjoy it.

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