Rebooting the News #92

In Podcast on April 29, 2011 by Jay Rosen

Dave calls this “the best RBTN we’ve ever done.” Why? “All the others were punditry. This one was a user and a developer going back and forth.”

What we were going back and forth about was Blork, the new RSS-based blogging tool and news aggregator that Dave and others (like Adam Curry) have been developing.

Screenshot of what the Blork system looks like when you’re adding to your feed, or when Jay is using it to post to Twitter.

We were talking about Jay’s feed. And his top 40 page.

We also discussed his (unsuccessful) attempt to create a control room or discussion forum off of his Twitter feed by using the Facebook page feature. Here’s how it used to work when Jay used Friendfeed for this.

Dave at “There are new features in the product based on this discussion and Ted Howard is looking into ways of replicating the FriendFeed experience for Jay.”

Here’s the show; please enjoy it.

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