Can Twitter save the news?

In Podcast on March 15, 2009 by Dave Winer

A picture named skittles.gifJay Rosen, this week the question of Twitter as an environment for journalism came up.

If the outlets of MSM are in trouble and if Twitter is rising, can it fill some of the role vacated by MSM?

What about having a tech company running it? Esp if the company interferes with content? Or do they?

Are any conflicts inherited by publications that Twitter favors with flow? Is the behavior of non-favored pubs altered by the environment. Ideally how should a company such as Twitter behave relative to its community if it wants to foster journalism?

Is Twitter the savior of journalism? Or something like it?

Links mentioned in today’s podcast…

Clark Hoyt: Bad News, and More Bad News.

CJR: Derivatives Echo Chamber.

Scripting News: Why it’s time to break out of Twitter.

The back-and-forth with Karl Rove re Obama’s “straw man.”

Also mentioned in this Scripting News post. “We’ve arrived at a place where a political spinmeister, former adviser to the President, can get fact-checked by a random blogger, and get a confusing response. That seems a lot like the job that George Stephanopoulos or Bob Schieffer has.”

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Sunday, March 15, 2009.

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