Rebooting the News #77

In Podcast on December 20, 2010 by Jay Rosen

Our guest for RBTN #77 is Net thinker, author, blogger and project VRM pioneer. Doc Searls. His blog. His bio.

A few items we discussed:

Dave drafted a statement: Tech Without Borders.

We are people of tech.

We live and work everywhere.

We value our own freedom, the freedom of people who use our technology and freedom in general.

We think there is no meaningful distinction between WikiLeaks and the news organizations covering the stories in cooperation with WikiLeaks.

We urge all governments to respect freedom of the press, whether the news originates online or offline.

We apply these principles in our work and they are embodied in our technology.

Dave’s an aggregator for Wikileaks news.

The lie that Wikileaks has been “indiscriminately dumping” documents.

Yahoo is shutting down Delicious. What is to be done?

Dave: How Twitter and Delicious are alike.

Here’s the show; we hope you like it. See you after the holidays!

One Response to “Rebooting the News #77”

  1. Is it me or you really need to put up an mp3 player widget for those mp3’s on these podcasts that I find really useful but sometimes I just want to listen them on my computer? 🙂

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