Rebooting the News #83

In Podcast on February 21, 2011 by Rex Hammock

[This post is from Rex Hammock, ceo/founder of the media company, Hammock Inc. and longtime blogger at where it is cross-posted.]

This morning, I spent an hour chatting with Dave Winer on the podcast he typically records with Jay Rosen. To me, getting invited to spend an hour with Dave Winer on a podcast is like getting to spend an hour with Guglielmo Marconi on a radio show. (If I have to explain it, this 2009 RexBlog post may help connect the dots.)

On the podcast, we discussed these topics:

Why Twitter, the service, is too vital for Twitter, a company, to control exclusively. [Background]

The New York Times rehash of the “death of blogging” story, a meme dating back to a week after people stopped writing the stories about “blogs are never going to be born.” Like Dave, I believe Facebook and Twitter are blogging platforms, so, well, I don’t get it. [A long post about my thoughts regarding online identity. NYTimes story: “Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter”]

Apple’s subscription plan and my outrage at their ban on in-app links to purchasing alternatives available via the browser. [Background on my opinion.]

Why I think magazine publishers are missing the mark on early generation magazine apps — and the real opportunity of the iPad. How the iPad (and Kindle) change notions of what is readable on a screen. [My reviews of The Daily app and Virgin’s Project app.]

My opinion on Wikileaks, which I have no link to point to, so, in short it’s this: I’m an advocate of transparency and openness and probably would, if push came to shove, be supportive of Wikileaks. That said, I prefer diplomacy over war and don’t want Wikileaks to be in charge of judging what the consequences of their actions are going to lead to.

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