Rebooting the News #89

In Podcast on April 4, 2011 by Jay Rosen

Dave: My linkblog merges with my realblog. Plus: an update on the new blogging tools.

Part of the Engadget team moves to sbnation to start a new tech blog there. Why? There had been no progress in the content management system at AOL since 2003, was one reason. They’re frustrated. (See Nieman Lab on sbnation.)

The strange series of attacks on the Huffington Post from New York Times people. What’s up with that? It included this exchange:

Times person: :”I look at your writers much less than I find myself clicking on stuff that’s been aggregated or the more salacious, boob-related posts.”

Huffington: “That’s really a shame. I think you’re missing out. Jason Linkins is doing some of the best media writing. Amanda Terkel’s coverage of Afghanistan has been ahead of the curve. Shahien Nasiripour has been breaking news constantly on Wall Street reform. Maybe you should be reading more of that and clicking less on the boobs.”

Evan Williams and his next step after Twitter.

News publishers go after Zite. “If creating an app that makes it easier to read your content is a threat to your business, you’re doing business wrong.” — Mike Masnick. “Note to Media: Don’t Fight Zite, Learn from It.” — Mathew Ingram.

Here’s the show; please enjoy.

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  1. […] Quote from “Rebooting the News”, episode #89 […]

  2. […] Quote from “Rebooting the News”, episode #89 […]

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