Rebooting the News #90

In Podcast on April 11, 2011 by Jay Rosen

The coming media frenzy over the royal wedding shows, in a way, that we do not have a free press. Because they have to go overboard with it; they have no choice.

YouTube is incorporating livestreaming.

Chris Dixon: Google’s Social Strategy…. ” Should Google try to make social networking commoditized or new profit center? The advantage of creating a new social networking profit center is obvious: if you win, you make lots of money. The advantage of commoditizing social networking is that although you forgo the potential direct profits, you open up a wider range of pricing and product options…

“By interoperating with other social networks, messaging systems, check-in services, etc., Google could encourage 3rd-party developers to build on their platform. If Google chose, say, RSS for their messaging system, it would already work with tens of thousands of existing tools and websites and would be readily embraced by hackers in the open source community. The web itself (http/html) and email (smtp) are famous examples where the choice to open them unleashed huge waves of innovation and (eventually) killed off closed competitors like AOL.”

We’re missing an institution that would bring about open protocols whether or not these protocols benefit that institution.

The simplest way to create value in journalism is to save the user time.

People come back to places that send them away.

Jay has a new page on Facebook specifically for discussion of his Twitter feed:

The minimum blogging tool Dave’s been working on is now called Blork. “Its a reading and writing environment for news.”

Here’s the show, hope you like it.

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